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Michael Barnathan Computer Scientist, Software Developer, and Web Developer, among many other things... Computer Scientist Software Developer Web Developer many other things...
Medicine: This is your brain. This is your brain in a 1.5 Tesla magnetic field. Any questions?


Over the years, I've accumulated a wealth of medical knowledge across a very large number of specialties (the boundaries of which I largely ignore). More recently, I've started synthesizing new knowledge in this domain and contributing it back to the literature. But this still falls short of where I would like to be in medicine: that is, devising new and innovative treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. I have a large number of ideas to do exactly this when I have the chance. My lack of a formal medical degree has hindered me somewhat from doing this, and it is somewhat grating, as lost time equates to lost lives here. But one way or another, through increasingly ambitious research, commercial medical developments which I bring to market (first stop: radiology), and additional informal medical training, I will find an "in" into this field or I will make one.