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Michael Barnathan Computer Scientist, Software Developer, and Web Developer, among many other things... Computer Scientist Software Developer Web Developer many other things...


Welcome to the music page of my portfolio! Here I post my musical achievements. I began to take an interest in music, specifically the piano, in September of 2002, at about the same time that I began attending Monmouth University. I have been pursuing it since. I've been seeking composition lessons for a long time, but to no avail; I'm almost entirely self-taught.

I have written several compositions; I show a few of them here. These are linked directly from a Subversion repository containing all of my pieces in various states of completion (many are either abandoned works of yore or simple themes that I hope to expand upon later). Works that appear on the page you are reading are more or less finished. I make no guarantees about the stuff in version control.

Please note that you will need Finale Notepad, available from, to view Finale files.

You may freely use and distribute the pieces on this page noncommercially. However, commercial use requires my prior permission. I'll probably grant it, but you need to ask first.

As a performance note, I usually intend my fermatas to be short or even optional. However, please feel free to interpret any of my pieces as you see fit in performance. I only write my pieces once. You keep them alive.

Clicking the "listen" links will load them in the player. To save the MP3s, right-click the link and select "save as". They're fairly low bitrate files (since I want them to load quickly here), so email me if you want better quality files for personal listening - I'll encode to whatever bitrate you want. Requests may require a bit of time if I need to practice a song before recording.


I've now posted over 120 improvisations (none of which are as polished as these pieces). They're MIDIs, but I've also written a synthesizer that will turn them into MP3s.