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Michael Barnathan Computer Scientist, Software Developer, and Web Developer, among many other things... Computer Scientist Software Developer Web Developer many other things...
Programming Section: Metasquarer code and interface


Welcome to the programming section of my portfolio. I have been programming since I was 8 years old (not counting Logo, which I learned so early that I do not remember my age at the time - and promptly forgot when I found out that programming was more than turtles all the way down), and have since become proficient with many languages, concepts, and paradigms. I have mastered programming to a superlative degree sufficient to content even myself, but since I have won many accolades and distinctions for my programming ability, I will let these speak for themselves.

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The image for this category shows the interface and a code snippet of my first large-scale program, Metasquarer. I released the first version in September of 1997, at the age of 12. The Visual Basic code is the only remaining legacy of that age, as I completely rewrote version 5.0 of the program around April 4, 2000. The current version, 7.0.73, was released on April 21, 2007, weighs in at approximately 27,596 lines of code, and has been downloaded well over 50,000 times. Metasquarer has been given the highest rating by Tucows and has made numerous "top software" lists. The project's website,, has had over 10 million hits since its inception. More information about the program is available in its entry below. This particular scene shows my own AI literally beating me at my own game.